In meteorology, a cyclone is a large scale air mass that rotates around strong centres of low pressure. This is usually characterised by inward spiralling winds that rotate counterclockwise. The damage created from cyclones can be substantial.

Tropical cyclones can pose a serious threat to homes, businesses, property and human lives in WA. It is essential that you are prepared if a cyclone hits.

Why do you need a Dangerous goods kits?

By having a dangerous goods kit in your commercial vehicle you will be complying with the Australian Dangerous goods code. If your truck or van is transporting dangerous chemicals then you are required by law to have this kit onboard in case of an emergency.

The kits includes a numbers of products that will help the driver and passenger if a spillage occurs including:

1 x Hi-Vis Heavy Duty Kit Bag
1 x Coveralls Chemical Resistant
1 x Flashlight (Intrinsically Safe) AS 2380.7 Including Batteries
1 x Gloves Thermally Insulated
1 x Positive Seal Goggles
1 x Chemically Resistant Boot Covers
1 x Respirator Breathing Apparatus including filters
1 x Gloves Thermally Insulated
1 x 500ml Bottle Saline Solution
1 x 250ml Eye Wash Refill Bottle

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We also recommend that vehicles also carry a copy of the Dangerous Goods Emergency procedure guide and the Emergency Procedures Guide Holder.

Emergecny Car Safey Kits

As previously mentioned it's actually "against the law" not to carry ( 4 x hi vis vests, window hammer and fire extinguisher) "in your car" at all times

For just $ 55.95 we can supply the kit below all neatly packed into a heavy duty kit bag that will fit under your drivers seat.

1. Hi Vis Vest

2. Flare 100 - Window Hammer, Torch, Red Flashing Warning Light

3. Warning Triangle

4. Hi Vis Gloves

5. Safety Glasses

6. Fire Extinguisher (optional) ($29.95)

Whether your vehicle is used for work or family commitments why wouldn't you want to offer the safest environment possible ?

Do your “trucks” comply with the NTC ”Australian Dangerous Goods Code” ?

It is now "LEGISLATED" that for vehicles to comply with the requirements set out in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code they “must” carry the following“ PERSONAL PROTECTIVE, SAFETY EQUIPMENT & DOCUMENTATION“

COMPLIANT DANGEROUS GOODS KIT - Items can be bought individually or as a complete kit (bulk discount apply) Don’t risk a $500,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 4 years !!

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Please take a look at the following information and pointers on how you can be prepare for an emergency.

  1. Decide beforehand where you would go in the event of a disaster.
  2. Get to know your neighbours and discuss with them your options
  3. Remember to make sure your insurance is up-to-date are items on your to-do list you should be ticking off right now.
  4. Make sure personal treasures such as photographs, life memories are either backed up or figure out a way to ensure you have those items at the ready or how you can protect thi

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