Emergency Kits (Discounts available for Bulk orders)

Australia can be a harsh country and the range of hazards that can occur are vast. It is important to be prepared in case an emergency does occur. All Safety Products offer a wide range of survival and emergency kits that can help you when most needed.  

All our products comply to the highest Australian Standard and our extensive range includes:

Car Emergency Kits
An emergency kit is essential for short term survival providing vital items for you in case you car breaks down. There are many circumstances where you may find yourself on roads within Australia where passing help may be minimal. A few simple supplies may save your life or help with a small incident. Our kits also include high visibility vest, gloves and reflectors to protect you from oncoming traffic and make sure you are visible Shop Online

Cyclone Kits
An Emergency Kit is a collection of items that provides for your home or vehicle essential items in the event of emergencies like storms, floods and cyclones. Your kit should be kept in a sturdy, easy to carry bag or waterproof storage box and stored in a safe place that is easy to access. During storm and cyclone seasons it is important  to have an emergency kit that has all the essential supplies such as a wind up flashlight/ radio, tie down ropes, rain poncho, water bottles. Shop Online

Dangerous Goods and Spill Kits
Our kits are made to Australian standards and comply to the Australian dangerous goods code. Spills can happen when transporting chemicals and can happen at any time. All Safety Products has a range of dangerous good kits that will protect you and help clean up any spills. In our kits you will find high quality face protective shields, chemical resistant gloves, boot covers, emergency eyewash and more. Australian law requires that vehicles who transport chemicals must carry on board a personal kit to assist the driver and passengers in an event of an accident.. Shop Online

Evacuation Kits
Preparing an Evacuation Kit now can save you time and stress in the event of bushfire, fire, cyclone, storm tide, flood, tsunami or workplace emergency. Our kits will help if an evacuation is required. The kits should be a part of your evacuation plan. The kits contain important elements including a megaphone with siren, fire warden hard hats, high visibility vests and first aid supplies. Shop Online

Trauma Kits
A trauma First Aid Kit is designed for high risk environments such as manufacturing, mining and construction. It is a comprehensive kit that will deal with most trauma or accident situations. It is recommended that any workplace that employs staff have a comprhensive first aid kit available to them. Shop Online

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